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I help businesses and individuals build and maintain reputations and relationships with the press and the public.

My PR Philosophy

It's not enough to write a press release about a recent company update and email it to every edtior whose contact information is easily accessible. First, it's essential that we work together to fully establish who you are as a person or a brand — really think about the story you want to share with the world. Then, together we can create a robust communication plan to relate your story to the lives of those you wish to reach. Connecting with your public at every level — from social media, to special events, to well-placed news stories — is key in making your brand and philosophy relatable and relevant.

Meet the Team

Ory Owen

Working with such brands as Louis Vuitton and Douglas Carroll Salon, has shaped Ory into a well-versed and highly-skilled PR whiz. He has experience in public relations, marketing, retailing, graphic & web design, advertising, branding, event planning, and everything else you'd expect from a top-of-the-line publicist. He is very proud to be working with a select group of clients who are the best in their fields — a group he hopes to add you to very soon! In his freetime, Ory enjoys cool weather, hot coffee, and the company of friends and family.

Kelsey Byrd

PR Assistant
A full-length bio is coming soon, so stay tuned!


National, International, & Regional Media Outreach
Part of a good PR strategy, is getting your most important and relatable news into the hands of the most influencial and appropriate media professionals (e.g. writers, editors, reporters) at the right times.
Social Media
Social media is a popular and instant channel of communication you can use to reach your public. Keeping your accounts up-to-date and relevant is essential to a complete PR strategy.
Celebrity & Influencer Relations
Celebrities and social influencers carry a lot of klout with today's public. Aligning yourself with these individuals and their established presences can greatly add to your own PR strategy.
Expert & Spokesperson Alignment
There's nothing like an endorsement from or alignment with an expert in your company's field to convey credibility, authority, and trustworthiness to your public. These individuals add to any PR strategy.
Brand Partnerships & Alignments
Working with other brands to further both your reptuations and business efforts is a solid PR strategy. However, it's very important to make the right alignments at the right times.
Event Planning & Management
As a certified event planner, I can help you corrdinate and plan networking events, press events, previews, presentations, galas, and more. Everyone, press and public alike, appreciates a good party.
Crisis Communication
Inevitably, everyone will run into a crisis that creates the need for immediate damage control. Releasing the right details to the right people, swiftly and concisely, can prevent and repair any damage.
Cause Related Relations
The public likes to know that the people and organizations they support are as altruistic as possible. Keeping them updated on your philanthropic efforts is as important as your day-to-day business.
Press Material Development
Developing everything from your brand image, to press releases, to graphics, to business cards and websites, needs to be streamlined and concise. Everything should present one solid image — yours.

The Process

1. Research & Plan
First, I'll need to spend sometime with you and your team, getting to know how you work and what you're all about. I'll take lots of notes that I'll use to create a deatailed analysis of your current PR efforts. From this analysis, we'll begin to strategize, with your future and success in mind.
2. Design
Plans in place, we can now design a robust and comprehensive PR campaign to help you build solid relationships with the press and your public. Rebranding, new content, stronger social media operations, & building a stronger network, are a few of the things considered and crafted during this step.
3. Launch & Maintain
With everything in it's place and with a solid singular image, we can let your public know that you're more important to them than ever before. We'll give them polished news, events, and content, effectively showing them what an amazing brand you are and will continue to be.

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